Our Team

Alex Maclennan 1

Alex Maclennan

Amrit Bahra 1

Amrit Bahra

Amy rackham

Amy Rackham

Andy Mitchell 1

Andy Mitchell

Ann Javier 4

Ann Javier

Arti chavda

Arti Chavda

Bartek Partyka 4

Bartek Partyka

Ben Asghari 1

Ben Asghari

Ben k 2023

Ben Keirl

Charalampos Magioudis 3

Charalampos Magioudis

Charlotte Staples 4

Charlotte Staples

Chloe Loizou 4

Chloe Loizou

Claudia Farrington 1

Claudia Farrington

Dan Hand 5

Dan Hand

Dan Hatton 3

Dan Hatton

Demie Loizou 5

Demie Loizou

Emma pagent

Emma Pagent

Guy English 1

Guy English

Habiba Syeda 1

Habiba Syeda

Hakan demirci

Hakan Demirci

Hayley O Farrell 5

Hayley O'Farrell

Jamal Ataullah 1

Jamal Ataullah

Jen smith

Jen Smith

Jessica Smyth 6

Jessica Smyth

Karishma Rana 4

Karishma Rana

Lee Wagstaff 1

Lee Wagstaff

Liam mckay

Liam McKay

Neil Yeomans 3

Neil Yeomans

Nick Padley 1

Nick Padley

Nouri Messaoud 1

Nouri Messaoud

Olivia Haigh 1

Olivia Haigh

Omar Amanullah 2

Omar Amanullah

Richard Bolton 2

Richard Bolton

Robert Corner 11

Robert Corner

Robert Diggle 3

Robert Diggle

Sophie calland

Sophie Calland

Sophie henshaw

Sophie Henshaw

Teresa Mancelos 6

Teresa Mancelos

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