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Data & Analytics

We use data and analytics to measure every touchpoint in the user journey. Measuring and interpreting campaign performance and user behaviour is pivotal in making informed business decisions with impact, helping us to deliver the best results, and allowing strategies to evolve with the brand.

These decisions underpin our data-driven, strategic approach across every campaign and are achieved through understanding business KPIs, maximising data capture, and delivering tailored and robust reporting solutions. We are experts in the vast majority of digital measurement platforms–from Adobe to Google Analytics. Without our detailed understanding of how to interpret data and analytics, we wouldn’t be able to produce such impactful digital successes for our clients today.


Years of expertise interpreting and analysing data bring with them the ability to provide extremely accurate insights. Our team, who have many combined years of experience with correlating data, trends, and behaviours are capable of providing invaluable insights that go beyond simply evaluating numbers.

Google Tag Manager

Conversion tracking, analytics, retargeting, error checking. Google Tag Manager is the central hub providing you with the most efficient way to keep data tracking running smoothly. We use Google Tag Manager to streamline our data recording and reporting services to make sure we have a view of every interaction with your brand.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to drill down into user behaviour and build a picture of interactions with your website. User demographics, devices, page interactions, and conversion information all help us to interpret how your website is perceived, allowing us to deliver better results.

Data Platform Management

We help our clients to identify audience segments, customer profiles, and behaviours through data platform management and channel these insights into our digital strategies.

Ad Serving and Tracking

Social ads, paid search, programmatic advertising, creating and running ads is only half the strategy. Our team will constantly monitor behaviour and interactions with our clients’ ads to assess their efficacy and identify opportunities to deliver even better results.

CMP (Consent Management Platform) Integration

We help our clients become GDPR-compliant, by implementing CMP and tag management solutions (cookie bars and on-site cookie control) to ensure that cookies are only dropped, and tags fired, when users consent. It is important that this is done in a way to minimise data dropoffs, and to ensure that effective channel attribution is preserved. We work with leading providers including OneTrust and Cookiebot.


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